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Ranch Management

Thermography, when integrated into ranch management practices, provides valuable insights into cattle health, comfort, and welfare. It aids ranchers and veterinarians in making informed decisions about herd management, health interventions, and optimizing herd productivity and well-being.


  • Monitor the health of individual animals or the overall herd by observing abnormalities in body temperature patterns that can indicate potential health issues such as infections, inflammation, or injuries.
  • Identify sick or injured animals earlier, allowing for timely intervention and treatment.
  • Assess the thermal comfort of animals and the overall environmental conditions in the ranch. Identify areas where heat stress or cold stress may be a concern.
  • Optimize housing conditions, ventilation, and temperature management strategies to ensure the well-being and productivity of the herd.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of feeding and watering systems. Determine areas where feed or water availability may be inadequate or unevenly distributed.
  • Gain insights into the behavior and activity patterns of animals. Identify patterns of movement, resting, or grouping within the herd to better understand herd dynamics, identify abnormal behavior, and optimize ranch management practices.
  • Locate Lost or sick animals using drones equipped with a thermal imagers. Quickly finding the animal using the aerial thermal equipment may make the difference between life and death.