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Competitive Intelligence

In this emerging application of thermography the heat signatures of competitor operations yield analytical information. Heat signatures can reveal valuable information about a competitor's activities or operations. Your organization's operations may be inadvertantly providing thermal intelligence to your competitors.


  • Gain insights into a competitor's industrial processes by detecting heat signatures associated with specific equipment or machinery. Infer details about production capabilities, identify potential efficiency improvements, or even discern the types of products being manufactured.
  • Assess the energy efficiency of facilities. Thermal surveys of buildings may identify areas of heat loss, insulation deficiencies, or inefficient HVAC systems. This may yield insight on energy consumption patterns, cost-saving opportunities or areas where operations can be improved.
  • Determine thermal characteristics of a products or prototypes, providing clues about their design choices, material composition, or thermal management strategies.
  • Monitor the infrastructure such as pipelines, power transmission lines, or distribution networks, by which one may assess infrastructure condition, potential weaknesses or areas prone to failures, and maintenance practices.
  • Monitor environmental impact such as heat signatures associated with industrial emissions, waste disposal, or energy waste.